Fullsize SUVs



Honorable Mentions

  • Infiniti QX80 (Z62) – 2011 to Current
    It’s far outclassed by its competitors in the “luxury” department, and it’s not that much nicer than the Nissan Armada upon which it’s based. If you can find one for not much more than an Armada, it’s worth considering.
  • Toyota Sequoia (XK60) – 2008 to 2022
    Absolutely ancient in automotive terms but eminently reliable. The last-gen Sequoia hardly changed during its life, so buy one that depreciated and enjoy never breaking down…but also spending a fortune at the gas pump.


  • Jeep Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer (WS) – 2022 to Current
    The brand new Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are an excellent first foray for Jeep into the fullsize and luxury fullsize SUV segments. Unfortunately, early reports point to massive reliability issues.