Commander (XK) – MY2006-2010

Jeep Commander Sport (XK)
Jeep Commander Sport (XK)

Jeep Commander (XK)


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  • Miscellaneous electrical problems
  • Low-range (can seize if never used)
  • May experience delayed gear engagement after cold soak due to a poor filter in the transmission fluid cooler line; there is an updated filter available
  • CEL and “loose gas cap” warnings may be erroneous or provide incorrect warnings
  • Rust, especially on tailgate or in wheel wells
  • Transmission usually lasts around 100k miles or so before requiring rebuild/replacement
  • Windows:
    • If one-touch window-up function causes the window to go down instead, the problem may be a faulty window regulator
    • If one-touch window-up function does nothing, the problem may be pinching of the tracks, loose hardware, or ice
  • TPMS sensors
  • Awful build quality and materials in general