Liberty (KJ) – MY02-07

Jeep Liberty Renegade (KJ)
Jeep Liberty Renegade (KJ) – photo by order_242

Jeep Liberty (KJ)


  • Chrysler EDZ – Sport trim only
  • Chrysler EKG – Optional on Sport trim; standard on Renegade and Limited trims
  • VM Motori R 428 – Optional on all trims


All Vehicles

  • Rear ball joints and bushings
  • Front flex brake hoses rust
  • Window regulators (especially rear windows)
  • Window struts
  • Fuel pump check valve can fail and cause long crank times and/or low fuel pressure

Certain Vehicles

  • MY02 vehicles:
    • A/C evaporator drain hose may fail and cause water to leak onto the passenger floor
    • The fuel tank may be difficult to refuel because of pressurization from the emissions system, which can be fixed by installing a flow management valve
    • Parking brake cables in the rear can rub on their guides and cause a squeak from the front of the car
    • Removing the springs on the exhaust crossover union can fix a rattle from the front of the car
    • Cargo carpet wears out prematurely
  • MY02-04 vehicles with the EDZ engine: “Snapping” noise from the engine between 600-1400rpm can be fixed by chamfering the camshaft bearing caps
  • MY03-05 vehicles: A chirping noise from the engine may be caused by the secondary idle pulley on the serpentine belt. This can be fixed by removing the pulley and installing a shorter belt.
  • MY03-06 vehicles: Noise from the rear brakes can be fixed by installing anti-rattle strips
  • MY05 vehicles with the R 428 engine: Temperature gauge can read higher than normal while under load, which requires reprogramming the gauge cluster
  • MY05-06 vehicles: Delayed engagement of the transmission after sitting overnight can be caused by the split in the fluid cooler return line filter
  • MY05-07 vehicles: TSB – Difficulties refueling can be caused by the fuel filler tube, vapor recirculation tube, fuel tank, evap canister, ESIM, clean air hose or filter, or the evap canister control valve
  • MY06-07 vehicles: Flickering of the gauge cluster lights may be fixed by replacing the body control module