CX-7 – MY2007-2012

Mazda CX-7 i
Mazda CX-7 i – photo by Tennen-Gas

Mazda CX-7


Click the links below to see common problems specific to the engines available on this vehicle.


All Vehicles

  • Driver seat power height adjustment may stop working
  • A/C may become less effective while driving, especially in hot weather, because the evaporator frosts up and restricts airflow
  • Windscreen washers may not provide enough pressure; a higher pressure pump was released

Certain Vehicles

  • VINs 129357 and below: TSB: – The CEL may illuminate with fault code P2407 – this may be due to abnormal current in the LDP sensor. Update the powertrain control module (PCM) software.
  • VINs between 100057 and 128616: TSB – The CEL may illuminate with fault code P0455 – this may be due to poor sealing between the fuel filler pipe and fuel filler cap. Replace the fuel filler cap with an updated part.
  • VINs 163410 and below: TSB – The CEL may illuminate with fault code P2006 – this may be caused by inadequate spring force in the actuator. Replace the variable swirl shutter valve actuator and reprogram the PCM.
  • VINs 196510 and below: TSB – Rough idling/stalling under cold conditions, intermittent lack of power when the engine gets hot, and fault codes P2177/P2187 may be caused by delayed pressure in the high pressure fuel pump. This requires a new high pressure fuel pump and updating the PCM software.
  • VINs 224013 and below: TSB – White/blue smoke from the exhaust after long idle periods or while driving at slow speeds in heavy traffic may be caused by insufficient crankcase ventilation, which causes oil leakage past the exhaust turbine shaft seal. This requires replacement of the ventilation components (cylinder head cover, ventilation hose, engine hanger, air pipe, vacuum hose and related plug).
  • VINs 300119 and below with 2.3L engines: TSB – A knocking/rattling noise from the front timing cover and/or valve cover below 2000rpm may be caused by a stretched timing chain. This requires replacement of the timing chain with a new design.
  • VINs 327444 and below with 2.3L engines: TSB – A loud ticking noise may come from the variable valve timing (VVT) actuator when the engine is first started. This requires removal of the cylinder head and replacement of the VVT actuator.
  • MY07-09: TSB – Variable idle speed and stalling may be caused by carbon deposits inside the throttle body. Remove and clean the throttle body, then reinstall using a new gasket.
  • MY07-10: TSB – The front seatback may squeak

Not Problems

  • MY07-12: TSB – Clunking noise from front of vehicle while setting off may be caused by ABS system performing a “malfunction detection function” and does not require repair