Land Cruiser (J100) – MY1998-2007

Lexus LX 470 (J100)
Lexus LX 470 (J100)

Toyota Land Cruiser (J100)

This vehicle is also known as the Lexus LX 470.

Primary differences between the Land Cruiser and the LX 470:

  • The LX 470 generally has a nicer interior
  • The LX 470 has air suspension while the Land Cruiser has coil springs


Click the links below to see common problems specific to the engines available on this vehicle.

  • Toyota 2UZ-FE


  • Exhaust manifolds
  • TSB – windscreen rattles; may be attributed to the windscreen stoppers or windshield retainers
  • A/C noises – may be attributed to expansion valve or A/C lines
  • Front suspension lower ball joints – symptoms are buzzing or snapping noises
  • Door check – passenger door may not open all the way and windows may not go all the way down; window channel may be damaged if window is open
  • Mirror actuator – door mirrors may not return to their memory position
  • Clunking sound from the rear axle when coming to a stop may require replacement of the rear driveshaft

LX 470 Only

  • Air suspension accumulators
  • Air suspension wheel height sensors can rust in wet/salty regions

Certain Vehicles

  • MY98-99: TSB – Throttle position sensor
  • MY98-99: Weak front differential
  • MY98-99: Rattling catalytic converter shield
  • MY98-03: TSB – Steering column noise – requires replacement of steering column cable with steering shaft universal joint
  • MY98-06: TSB – Exhaust “booming” noise when vehicle is stopped and in drive; requires fitment of new tailpipe assembly, tightening of exhaust pipe, adjustment of exhaust pipe support clearance, fitment of cross-member frame damper weights, fitment of exhaust pipe dampers, and replacement of front and rear engine mount insulators
  • MY00: Transmission failures
  • MY04: Navigation system