BMW S62B50
BMW S62B50 – photo by Terabass



  • VANOS seals become hard and stop controlling oil flow – symptoms include a loss of power and an engine that “sounds like a bag of nails”
  • Carbon can build up in the exhaust if the car is driven on many short journeys
  • Plastic chain tensioners wear out and should be replaced
  • Each cylinder bank has its own mass airflow (MAF) sensor, which can fail and force the car into “limp home” mode
  • The idle control valve (ICV) can get clogged up and cause a rough idle; all it needs is a simple cleaning
  • Oil leaks in general

Not Problems

  • MY00 and earlier: Oil consumption is normal
  • The secondary air injection system can get clogged up every few years, and cleaning it is about a $2000 job. There is a mod that stops the ECU from checking the system for problems, and not fixing it doesn’t seem to cause any actual issues.