Rover KV6
Rover KV6 – photo by Henocsr

Rover KV6


  • Head gaskets
  • Slipped cylinder liners (caused by overheating)
  • Cooling system
    • The KV6 is very susceptible to death by overheating, which is a problem as its cooling system is extremely fragile. Many components are made of brittle plastic.
    • A compression test is required as part of a prepurchase inspection. If the seller mentions anything about losing coolant, then run away.
  • Intake camshafts are brittle and have a tendency to sheer off near the pulleys – this requires replacement of the camshaft, and can also potentially cause damage to the valves and pistons. This can be caused by improper timing belt changes, too.
  • The engine uses 3 timing belts, which means that a timing belt service is about $1700-2000. Due to the specialized tools required, this should not be conducted by an amateur mechanic. Before buying a car with this engine, ensure that either a FULL (not partial) timing belt service has been done, including tensioners and guides, or budget the money to do so.
  • The intake manifold flap motors tend to fail. These are cheap and easy to replace. What is not cheap and easy to replace are the flaps themselves, which have a tendency to break. The only solution is an entirely new upper intake manifold, which is about $1100.