A6 (C6) – MY2005-2011

Audi S6 (C6)
Audi S6 (C6) – photo by Rudolf Stricker

Audi A6 (C6)

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  • Volkswagen AUK (3.2 quattro)
  • Volkswagen BVJ (4.2 quattro)
  • Volkswagen BXA (S6)
  • Volkswagen CAJA (3.0T quattro)

Common Problems

All Vehicles

  • Cracks in the ABS exciter rings on the CV axles may cause the ABS to engage under light braking pressure
  • Misalignment of the front bumper or the doors may indicate the vehicle was in an accident; check for uneven panel gaps around the grille, headlights, and window frames
  • Electronic parking brake may not function, test several times
  • Front control arm bushings usually have a lifespan of around ~100k miles depending on road conditions
  • TSB – A/C may stop working due to pressure/temperature sensor G395 leaking refrigerant; there is an upgraded sensor available (part # 4F0959126C)
  • Tail lights may develop internal condensation due to improper sealing; replace the seal and/or put silicone around the edges of the light
  • Window regulators
  • If you cannot remotely unlock the doors, the door modules may need reprogramming
  • Coolant level warning may occur in cold temperatures then disappear when the engine warms up due to a bad sensor
  • If you can’t remove the key from the ignition when you shift to park, you likely need a new transmission shift selector
  • If the fuel gauge does not display “full” after refueling, the instrument cluster may need to be updated

Certain Vehicles

  • Early models: Fuel door may not open because the cable is jammed
  • Early models: Driver window switch panel may work intermittently
  • MY05-06: TSB – A chirping/squeaking noise may occur when shifting to 4th gear or there may be a shudder. This is caused by a vibration during the control phase of the transmission torque converter clutch. Fixing requires reprogramming the transmission, changing the transmission fluid, and going for an adaptation drive.
  • MY05-07: TSB – Heater core pump valve can become clogged up with engine debris and cause the climate control to malfunction
  • MY05-07: TSB – Whining noise during deceleration is caused by wear in the bearing and bearing carrier in the rear differential housing
  • MY05-09: Steering lock actuator may prevent vehicle from starting