A8 (D3) – MY2004-2010

Audi S8 (D3)
Audi S8 (D3) – photo by Rudolf Stricker

Audi A8 (D3)

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  • Volkswagen BHT/BSB/BTE (W12)
  • Volkswagen BSM (S8)
  • Volkswagen BVJ (Base MY06+, L MY06+)
  • Volkswagen BVN (Base MY04-05, L MY04-05)


All Vehicles

  • Cracks in the ABS exciter rings on the CV axles may cause the ABS to engage under light braking pressure
  • Air suspension:
    • Check springs for cracking
    • Check to ensure there are no leaks in the system, as they will prematurely wear out the compressor
    • Make sure compressor is running and doesn’t sound bad
    • Test all height settings and ensure the system does not have any of the settings greyed out
    • Earlier-design height sensors may cause issues; new sensors can be identified by a black dot
  • If the power steering is noisy and/or feels like it’s skipping but there aren’t any leaks, you may need to replace the power steering reservoir or pump
  • Electronic parking brake may not function, test several times
  • Trunk motor gears can wear out, meaning it won’t fully close and latch
  • MMI display gears wear out and break, listen for noises as it goes up and down
  • Outside air temperature reading may be incorrect due to a bad temperature sensor or poor crimp connection
  • Rear sunshades break

Certain Vehicles

  • MY04-06: TSB – A chirping/squeaking noise may occur when shifting to 4th gear or there may be a shudder. This is caused by a vibration during the control phase of the transmission torque converter clutch. Fixing requires reprogramming the transmission, changing the transmission fluid, and going for an adaptation drive.
  • MY04-07: TSB – Whining noise during deceleration is caused by wear in the bearing and bearing carrier in the rear differential housing