Q5 (8R) – MY2009-2017

Audi SQ5 (8R)
Audi SQ5 (8R) – photo by M 93

Audi Q5 (8R)

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Click the links below to see common problems specific to the engines available on this vehicle.

Common Problems

All Vehicles

  • Reprogramming the convenience control module may fix issues with the 12V power outlets, remote keyless entry, and trunk light
  • If the parking light control module wakes up while in the “fall asleep” mode, the lights may get stuck on, requiring reprogramming of the control module

Certain Vehicles

  • Vehicles with the 7-speed “S Tronic” transmission:
    • The “Mechatronic” unit can develop several faults. There is a repair kit available, and repairs should be conducted as soon as possible to prevent further damage (such as complete failure of the Mechatronic unit or the transmission as a whole):
      • “Gearbox malfunction” warnings may be because a clutch has overheated
      • Difficulty engaging gear, or hard/abrupt shifts (especially hard downshifts when transmission is hot)
      • The transmission only engages gears 1, 3, 5, and 7 but doesn’t engage Reverse – this is caused by failure to engage the inner clutch
      • The transmission only engages the Reverse, 2, 4, and 6 gears – this is caused by failure to engage the outer clutch
    • The multi-plate clutches can wear prematurely. Symptoms may include “jerky” performance, slipping of the clutches, loss of torque, difficulty engaging gear, and/or hard/abrupt shifts
  • Vehicles with the CALB engine: Susceptible to carbon deposits on the intake valves due to being a direct injection engine
  • Vehicles with the CPMB engine: May experience excessive oil consumption due to the PCV system. Volkswagen has released several updated PCV valves over the years which fix this.
  • Vehicles with the CDUD engine: The Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system can fail as early as 50k miles
  • Vehicles produced prior to September 2009: The daytime running light module may be faulty

Not Problems

  • MY13-15 vehicles with the CMUA engine: TSB – Timing chain rattling immediately after startup may be caused by one of the upper chain tensioners. This does not cause damage. Volkswagen has released updated chain tensioners which do not rattle.