7-Series (E65-E66) – MY2002-2008

BMW 745i (E65)
BMW 745i (E65)

7-Series (E65-E66)

  • E65: Regular Sedan
  • E66: Long Wheelbase Sedan


Click the links below to see common problems specific to the engines available on this vehicle.


All Vehicles

  • Engine may ping under light throttle loads, have a high idle, or falter when cold – requires software update
  • Transmission may go into fail-safe mode or shift unusually due to errors in the CAN-bus
  • Valve cover or oil filler cap may break in cold weather on vehicles with N62 engines
  • Night vision display (if equipped) – can malfunction due to damaged wiring harness near headlights
  • iDrive malfunctions
  • Miscellaneous electrical problems

Certain Vehicles

  • MY05-06: TSB – transmission warning light may illuminate and log fault codes 4F81, 507B/507C, or 507D; attributed to low fluid level or internal pressure leak caused by a defective adapter seal between transmission housing and Mechatronic unit
  • MY02-08: TSB – transmission fluid may seep through the Mechatronic sealing’s O-ring