BMW N62B44
BMW N62B44 – photo by The Car Spy



All Vehicles

  • Valve cover gaskets – ~$1000 at a dealership
  • Valve seals – identified by smoking once the car is warmed up and has been idling for a while; can be replaced without removing the heads, but still not cheap
  • Valve cover diaphragms
  • Upper timing cover gaskets – if there is a small coolant leak coming from the timing cover, expect up to 60 hours of labor to fix it (however, there are third-party solutions involving a new coolant pipe which are <10 hours)
  • Alternator bracket gaskets
  • Alternator oil seal
  • TSB – Oil pump check valve
  • Oil Separator Valve (OSV) / Crank Case Ventilation (CCV) – symptoms are high oil consumption, poor running, and sometimes a whistling noise; it’s located under the throttle body, 4-8 hours of labor to replace it. This is often caused by a lot of short drives. Sometimes, it can be fixed by a lot of long drives and high revs.
  • TSB – Deposits in the injection and induction system:
    • Deposits at the fuel injector’s tip – symptoms include hesitation or stumble during acceleration, loss of power, poor fuel efficiency, increased emissions, and/or CEL due to misfires
    • Carbon deposits at the valves or intake manifold ports – symptoms include loss of power, unstable and/or rough idle, increased emissions, and/or CEL due to misfires
    • Combustion Chamber Deposit Interference (CCDI) – pinging or knocking which may be mistaken for engine knock that first occurs as a cold start noise that fades as the engine reaches temperature; symptoms may also include increased emissions, poor acceleration, and engine idle speed surges

Certain Vehicles

  • MY04-05: TSB – Faulty Valvetronic intermediate levers may cause erratic or variable idle speed for around 20 seconds after cold start, CEL, and/or misfire fault codes