X3 (E83) – MY2004-2010

BMW X3 3.0si (E83)
BMW X3 3.0si (E83)

BMW X3 (E83)


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  • Window regulators (easy to replace)
  • Automatic transmissions can fail if fluid is not changed every 60k miles (despite BMW’s claim that they have “lifetime” transmission fluid)
  • Cooling system in general, especially if fluid is not changed every two years
  • ECM – symptoms include pinging under light loads, high idle, or faltering on acceleration; requires reprogramming
  • Transmission fluid may leak from the selector shaft seal
  • Instrument panel lighting can flicker – problem with the light-switching center
  • Avoid models with the Sport package – the normal suspension is already very stiff, and the Sport package makes the car ride unbearably rough