N52 / N53 Family

BMW N53B30
BMW N53B30 – photo by ///Marco.it

BMW N52 / N53 Family

Table of Contents

All Engines


  • Valve cover gasket
  • Water pump
  • Coil packs
  • Fuel injectors


Additional Problems

All Vehicles

  • Oil filter housing gasket (OFHG)
  • TSB – Deposits in the injection and induction system:
    • Deposits at the fuel injector’s tip – symptoms include hesitation or stumble during acceleration, loss of power, poor fuel efficiency, increased emissions, and/or CEL due to misfires
    • Carbon deposits at the valves or intake manifold ports – symptoms include loss of power, unstable and/or rough idle, increased emissions, and/or CEL due to misfires
    • Combustion Chamber Deposit Interference (CCDI) – pinging or knocking which may be mistaken for engine knock that first occurs as a cold start noise that fades as the engine reaches temperature; symptoms may also include increased emissions, poor acceleration, and engine idle speed surges

Certain Vehicles

  • MY06: VANOS solenoids (fault codes 2A87 and 2A88)
  • MY08 and earlier: TSB – Occasional ticking/rattling may occur on cold starts. This requires replacement of the 12 camshaft hydraulic valve lifters.




This engine was not sold on any vehicles in the United States.


Differences from the N52:

  • Direct injection
  • Removed Valvetronic system

Additional Problems

  • High pressure fuel pump (HPFP) – the car may take a long time to start
  • Carbon deposits on the inlet valves