X5/X6 (E70-E71) – MY2007-2014

BMW X5 M (E70)
BMW X5 M (E70) – photo by ilikewaffles11

BMW X5/X6 (E70-E71)


Click the links below to see common problems specific to the engines available on this vehicle.


All Vehicles

  • iDrive malfunctions
  • Window regulators
  • Cooling system in general, especially if fluid is not changed every two years
  • Miscellaneous electrical issues may be caused by loose power connector to the power distribution/electronics junction
  • Vehicles with sport suspension may experience knocking from the front sway bar

Certain Vehicles

  • MY08 and earlier vehicles with ZF automatic transmissions: TSB – transmission warning light may illuminate and log fault codes 4F81, 507B/507C, or 507D; attributed to low fluid level or internal pressure leak caused by a defective adapter seal between transmission housing and Mechatronic unit
  • MY10-11: TSB – universal joints in the front driveshaft can wear out prematurely, requiring replacement of the front driveshaft
  • MY14 and earlier xDrive35i, xDrive50i, and X5 M: TSB – vehicles may require reprogramming of the DME software; symptoms include “service engine soon” warning, “drivetrain malfunction” warning, or logged VANOS faults