N63 Family

BMW N63B44
BMW N63B44O0 – photo by Dr.DOHC

BMW N63 Family


Most of the major reliability issues of this engine were allegedly resolved with the first technical update (the “N63B44O1” variant) and its subsequent updates. Time will tell if this is the case.

  • Consumes oil
  • Oil Separator Valve (OSV) / Crank Case Ventilation (CCV) – symptoms are high oil consumption, poor running, and sometimes a whistling noise; it’s located under the throttle body, 4-8 hours of labor to replace it. This is often caused by a lot of short drives. Sometimes, it can be fixed by a lot of long drives and high revs.
  • Carbon deposits
  • Valve seals – identified by smoking once the car is warmed up and has been idling for a while; can be replaced without removing the heads, but still not cheap
  • Batteries can fail due to heat from the engine
  • Early models have problems with the starter solenoid sticking

Customer Loyalty Offer & Customer Care Package

The N63B44O0 is so ridiculously unreliable that BMW launched a “Customer Loyalty Offer” through which owners can trade in their eligible N63-powered vehicles.

BMW also offered a “Customer Care Package” in which the following will be inspected and replaced if deemed necessary (at no cost):

  • Timing chains (if stretched)
  • Fuel injectors
  • Mass airflow sensors
  • Crankcase ventilation lines
  • Battery
  • Engine vacuum pump
  • Low pressure fuel sensors



N63TU Variants



  • BMW M550 xDrive (G30)
  • BMW 750i, 750Li (G11-G12)


  • BMW X5 xDrive50i (G05)


  • BMW M850i xDrive (G15)