X5/X6 (F15-F16, F85-F86) – 2014-Current

BMW X5 M (F85)
BMW X5 M (F85) – photo by ilikewaffles11

BMW X5/X6 (F15-F16, F85-F86)

  • F15: X5 non-M
  • F16: X6 non-M
  • F85: X5 M
  • F86: X6 M



This vehicle is too new for detailed information on common problems.

Certain Vehicles

  • Vehicles manufactured before July 2014: TSB – The vehicle’s DME software may have incorrect Engine Position Management parameters, which can cause symptoms of a CEL, the engine entering a reduced power mode with an error message of “Drivetrain Malfunction,” and/or VANOS faults despite the engine being mechanically sound and no unusual VANOS noises
  • Vehicles manufactured between July 2013-July 2014: TSB – Idling for long periods of time followed immediately by full throttle driving can cause engine knock, and eventually engine damage. Updating the DME fixes this.
  • X5 M vehicles manufactured before July 2015: Reduced engine power; the error message “Drive Fault: Drive at moderate speed;” and DME faults 120208, 120408, and/or 120908 may be due to a DME software error. Updating the DME fixes this.
  • Vehicles manufactured before April 2016: TSB – Some rear shock absorbers may have been assembled with the incorrect guide support, which can cause a rattling noise; there is a replacement guide