Mercedes-Benz OM642
Mercedes-Benz OM642

Mercedes-Benz OM642


All Vehicles

  • The TWC temperature sensor (part no. A005 153 40 28) is susceptible to failure and has been replaced with part no. A007 153 74 28. When the temperature sensor fails, the check engine light may illuminate and issue the diagnostic code P2031.
  • There may be an intermittent knocking or ticking noise at idle and engine speeds below 1500 rpm, attributed to a “run-in effect” or defect of the first crankshaft main bearing shells
  • The positive crankcase ventilation system may vent air which contains too much oil into the turbocharger, which causes sludge to accumulate, Eventually, the swirl motor becomes inoperative and blows a fuse that controls sensors required for the engine and emissions system to operate properly. The engine will go into “limp home” mode and limit RPMs to 3000.

Certain Vehicles

  • MY2010 and earlier: Susceptible to oil cooler leaks due to heat-related seal degradation